Bangkok taxi driver threatens S’pore passengers with knife after refusing to change fare, taken to police station

Bangkok taxi driver threatens Singapore passengers with knife over fare dispute

Thailand is a popular travel location for Singaporeans for a myriad of impressive reasons.

The food, the activities and above all the people are what make the “Land of Smiles” one of a kind on earth.

However, there may be one or two outliers that will shatter this reality for some, just like for a Singaporean woman vacationing in Bangkok.

Knowing that they were rushing for their flight at Suvarnabhumi airport, a taxi driver used this opportunity to try to scam the wife and her husband into changing their fare.

Source: @ntannyy on ICT Tac

When the couple confronted him, the driver pulled a knife from the side compartment of the taxi, as if to threaten them.

The couple then reported the taxi driver to airport security.

Couple injured after arriving at destination

On Tuesday (July 12), the TikTok user @ntannyyaka Naomi Tan, uploaded a series of videos of her encounter with the Bangkok taxi driver.

In one of the videos, which has since been deleted, she and her husband confronted the taxi driver after he only gave them 2.90 Singapore dollars (75 baht) in change. They were supposed to receive 23 Singapore dollars (600 baht).

Although the taxi driver insisted he had to drive on “the highway”, the couple had none of it as they had agreed on a charge of S$15.30 (400 baht) in advance.

The taxi driver then walked to the driver’s seat and pulled a sheathed knife from the front door compartment in an attempt to intimidate the couple. He quickly put it away after a few seconds.

Source: @ntannyy on ICT Tac

With the camera pointed at him and the woman calling the police, the taxi driver then agreed to speak to the authorities.

Bangkok taxi driver finally gives full change after police intervene

In another video, the couple and the taxi driver approached an airport security guard for a chat.

Source: @ntannyy on ICT Tac

After a minute or two of intense discussion, the taxi driver reluctantly handed over the rest of the change. They then separated.

Talk to MS NewsMs. Tan said they had asked their hotel concierge for help in getting a taxi for them.

In typical Bangkok fashion, this would mean a hotel staff member flagging down a taxi from the nearby road.

They then agreed to a fixed fare of 15.30 Singapore dollars (400 baht) after the driver refused to use the taximeter.

Despite her attempt to threaten the couple, Ms Tan told us the driver was actually ‘pretty gentle’ when he pulled out the knife and spoke to security.

Luckily for them, he didn’t fight much either.

The authorities take the taxi driver to task

Ms Tan then shared a series of updates regarding the incident.

As they still had time before boarding their flight home, the couple filed a complaint with the airport authorities.

A few days later, she received an email update on her case from the tourist police at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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In their email, the tourism police said they questioned the taxi driver in question.

He was then taken to the local police station to be punished for illegal possession of a weapon. The police also informed Thailand’s Department of Land Transport, which has the power to prosecute those who break the laws on the road.

Ms Tan assumes the authorities fined the driver, confiscated his weapon and reported the incident to his employers.

Luckily things didn’t get out of hand.

What was supposed to be a smooth ride to the airport took a rather sinister turn for the couple.

Fortunately, the situation did not worsen and the authorities were able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

May this be a reminder to everyone to always be careful when traveling abroad. As Ms. Tan noted, danger can lurk around every corner, especially when you least expect it.

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Featured image adapted from @ntannyy on ICT Tac.

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