Bangkok Pizza Business Gains Huge Success With Cannabis Topping

It’s lunch time. At a branch of The Pizza Company in Bangkok, there is an order for the last special dish.

The staff are looking for the key ingredient: not cheese, tomatoes or olives but cannabis leaves.

The Thai restaurant chain is creating a buzz with its latest menu item: cannabis pizza.

The product takes advantage of Thailand’s recently relaxed narcotics laws, helping the company steal a marketing walk over its competitors.

This is a rare foray into the chic commercial cannabis of a mainstream company.

Thailand relaxed its once-strict cannabis laws earlier this year, allowing controlled use of the plant in food and drink.

It created opportunities for the smart and the quick-witted.

The Pizza Company’s response was to launch this 9-inch concoction. Crazy Happy Pizza sells for 499 baht (US $ 14.92) in all of its more than 400 outlets.

The pizza has cannabis infused cheese in the crust, a cannabis leaf inside, and another large single leaf as a topping on top. There is also chopped cannabis in the sauce.

But as much as it sounds, potential smokers should take note: the active ingredient that delivers the classic vibe – THC – is almost nonexistent.

“Of course, they can’t get high, it’s just a marketing campaign,” said company general manager Panusak Suesatboon. “You can taste the taste of cannabis and then, if you get enough of it, you might get a little sleepy. “

Even though there is no narcotic effect, there are still legal restrictions.

The company can advertise it on their menus, but nowhere else.

And they can’t sell it to people under 12.

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