At this new wellness resort in Thailand, you can check in to “consciously” reconnect – with yourself

Amid the pandemic, travel industry experts have made a prediction that is hard to refute. They said the closures, coupled with an increasing focus on our mental and physical health, would lead to a trend of “spiritual wellness” resorts.

Translation: A simple visit to the spa would no longer be enough.

It is a prediction coming true now. Case in point: In March, Singapore-based hotel company Banyan Tree Group launched its new brand Veya in response to the pandemic. Unlike many wellness resorts, its goal isn’t to disconnect guests; instead, it’s designed for travelers to ‘consciously’ reconnect with their mind and body.

One of the many restaurants at Banyan Tree Veya Phuket.

Upon arrival at the flagship property, Banyan Tree Veya Phuket, on Thailand’s largest island, guests consult with doctors, naturopaths, ‘nutrition sommeliers’ and personal trainers to receive a bespoke wellness program for their stay, which includes a diet plan, movement activities, learning workshops and body therapies.

Everything is designed with intention. First, there’s the food: avant-garde, with a healthy dose of seafood and Asian inspiration. Expect plenty of bowls and broths served at the resort’s three restaurants.

Upon arrival at the resort, guests will receive a bespoke wellness program.

Then there are the therapies. In an all-white room, clients can participate in sensory detox and guided meditation sessions, including breathwork and energy healing classes. Even at the spa, the treatments are next level. The massages are not only “relaxing”, they are “determined” and use scientific techniques to treat sleep deprivation, mental fatigue and chronic physical tension.

Add to that the resort’s “weightlessness therapy” — a combination of flotation with a body-stretching massage technique and sound therapies — and it’s impossible to step out without feeling a little lighter.

One of Banyan Tree Veya Phuket's 23 villas, each with its own swimming pool.

For your downtime, Thailand’s famous beaches are nearby, but you probably won’t want to leave your private enclave. Each of the 23 one-bedroom villas has its own secluded pool, surrounded by tropical gardens, an oversized day bed, and a wellness minibar.

The outdoor terrace is sized for daily yoga and meditation, complete with a singing bowl. And for nightfall, rooms come with blackout curtains, nightly aromatherapy treatments, and soothing music for sleep.

With more Banyan Tree Veya locations in the works – including one to open in the Maldives later this year and one on the island of Ilha Nejovo, off Mozambique – holistic wellness is a trend that shows no signs of abating. slow-down.

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