A Thai family’s dream vacation turns into a cockroach-infested nightmare

An extravagant holiday home infested with worms, rats and cockroaches has turned a family’s dream vacation in Pattaya into a nightmare.

A Thai woman paid 47,000 baht for 2 nights’ accommodation in an 8-bedroom luxury villa in Pattaya’s Palm Spring Housing area, but the stay turned into a disaster the moment the family crossed the line. threshold.

Primnapaphas Aite says the holidays have been scary and still gives her the creeps.

“I felt something weird when I first entered the house. There were cockroaches by the pool and inside the second floor bathroom, and there were flowing from an air conditioner. At night we saw a rat running around the pool.

Primnapaphas contacted the maid and the villa owner, who promised to clean the house the next day.

The cleaning lady put a rag over a pipe hole to keep cockroaches or rats out, but that didn’t solve the problem. Other cockroaches have found other ways to enter the property.

Primnapaphas recorded the experience on Facebook, along with photos and videos, as she got no satisfaction when she complained.

After the post went viral, the agent who was renting the villa to the family contacted Primnapaphas offering her a 3,000 baht discount if she removed the review post. Primnapaph refused. She says no one apologized for what happened, so she wanted other people to know about her experience.

The 38-year-old maid, Anisa Tamsisaeng, says she tried to get rid of all the cockroaches using insecticide, but it didn’t work, and other cockroaches ran out. She apologized to the family and said the owner of the house had hired a pest control company to clean the whole house to avoid a similar scenario.

THE SOURCE: Sanook | Thairath

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