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Going to college abroad has become more expensive than ever. This dichotomy puts students in a difficult situation: do they risk taking on debt that they cannot repay or missing out on the benefits of a university degree?

In the United States alone, the total amount of student debt reached $ 1.6 trillion, making student loans the second largest source of consumer debt, behind mortgage debt. The average student has nearly $ 37,000 in debt and is looking for help. Economists predict that student debt will grow at a rate of 7% per year and reach up to $ 3 trillion or more by the end of the next decade.

One way to tackle this problem is to make international scholarships more accessible to students. A global scholarship platform called aims to do just that by listing international scholarships on its website.

What is UniScholarz?

UniScholarz is a global online scholarship platform where students can apply for scholarships provided by leading companies, educational institutions, governments, trusts and other organizations. The idea behind UniScholarz is to provide students with all popular international scholarships in one place. This will help students alleviate the financial burden of studying abroad. Students can find the most popular merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, country-specific scholarships, college-specific scholarships, and student-specific scholarships on the UniScholarz platform. In addition, all UniScholarz services are completely free. Students can simply enroll in UniScholarz and start applying for as many scholarships as they want.

How it works

Students can find over 1000 scholarships on the UniScholarz platform. To apply for international scholarships, students must register with the UniScholarz platform.

Enter your details

Enter basic information such as target country and target price. Subsequently, a list of international scholarships corresponding to your country and your target price will be displayed.

Discover the scholarships

UniScholarz uses data science technology to bring you the most suitable scholarships based on your profile. If you are not happy with the scholarships presented to you, simply use the “filter” option to narrow your scholarship search.

Apply for free

Once you have selected your ideal scholarship (s), you can apply for them for free. Expect confirmation from UniScholarz for each successful application.

Other services

In addition to scholarships, students can also get help with their search for student accommodation and student loans.

, a cross-border student accommodation platform has supported more than 40,000 students in their search for accommodation. They have an inventory of over 5,000,000 beds in over 1,500 properties in over 10 countries.

Then there is the student loan market. Students can find safe and reliable student loans in all popular study destinations around the world.

Students can also get ancillary / value added services that cover all pre and post boarding requirements. This includes visa advice, guarantor services, currency exchange services, concierge service, internship and employment opportunities, etc.

UniAcco Fly High scholarship

The UniAcco Fly High Scholarship is a flagship scholarship program of UniAcco. It attempts to recognize and reward international students who are studying in the UK or who will be starting their courses in 2021. The idea behind the creation of this scholarship was to enable engaged and passionate students to achieve their goals by alleviating the burden. financial related to study abroad. . There are 3 scholarships under the UniAcco Fly High Scholarship banner –

For the year 2021, they will offer 2 scholarships worth £ 1,000 each to students who have worked with dedication to improve the environment or supported a noble social cause or worked to ensure better governance.

For the year 2021, they will be offering 4 scholarships worth £ 750 each to students who have demonstrated academic excellence or have worked with dedication to achieve significant honors at major forums.

For the year 2021, they will be offering 2 scholarships worth £ 750 each to students who have gone to great lengths to develop a holistic profile.

Head over to UniScholarz to start applying for international scholarships. If you have any questions, you can contact them at [email protected]

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