A few characters from the King of Fighters 15 launch roster are still unknown, but some of them are pretty guaranteed bets due to the team builds.


The empty spaces in Team K ‘and Team Ash Crimson might hold some surprises, but we bet at least two characters are locked up for them

Last month we had some big reveals about King of Fighters 15 which showed a lot of new characters but also gameplay details for the combat system as well as UI previews and maybe the most fascinating ones for those of us who like speculation – a partially filled character select the screen.

Two of the most notable things we could discern in this trailer were that K ‘and Ash Crimson each had their own teams, respectively, and none of the characters revealed at that time were part of either. either of their teams. Since then, the only official reveal we’ve seen is from Kukri, who currently doesn’t know which team he is on. Even with its inclusion, however, there are a few classic King of Fighters returnees that are virtually guaranteed to be on the launch roster as it stands now.

To start with some simple math, King of Fighters 15’s launch roster will be made up of 39 characters divided into 13 separate teams for story purposes. 9 of those teams have been revealed in full, while 3 of the remaining teams have at least one member represented – K ‘, Ash Crimson, and a newcomer who appears to be a rival to Shun’ei, respectively. These 3 teams have 2 places each, for a total of 6 places, which are currently unknown.

Finally, there is also a team that is currently completely unknown, with all 3 members fully masked.

There are also a few revealed characters who just haven’t been placed on teams yet – another mysterious newcomer who was shown in the game’s trailer as well as Heidern and Kukri. These characters each fit in somewhere in these unassigned locations, currently leaving us with 6 characters that weren’t revealed for the game’s starting roster.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few choices that seem likely or unlikely based on the team’s current situation.

The first and most obvious character everyone has been waiting for is none other than one of the posters for the King of Fighters franchise. I’m of course talking about Kula Diamond, largely a mainstay since her debut in King of Fighters 2000 and a staple of the K ‘squad in most games.

Since his first appearance, Kula has only missed two titles – The King of Fighters 2003 and the contested King of Fighters XII. She’s certainly a character whose popularity has grown more and more in recent years, however, being one of the few King of Fighters characters to have been a guest in a different fighting game title, when she joined her fellow heroine Mai Shiranui in The Dead or Alive 6 roster.

Equipped with icy powers and a childish demeanor, Kula and K ‘have formed an important bond throughout King of Fighters history and while she wasn’t always a part of her team, she has. made for her last appearances and feels pretty locked in at this point.

Even though SNK is planning to push him around, what they said and showed is something they are willing to do in King of Fighters 15, there is still a place for Kula on the roster since we have a team currently not. revealed who could easily be a The “Remnants of NESTS” team led by Kula and starring two other yet undisclosed fighters, Angel and Sylvie Paula Paula, who share similar stories with Kula.

In short, Kula seems like an absolute guarantee since K ‘has her own squad, but even though she is left out, her popularity and relative mainstay status still propels her to be one of the most likely inclusions for the roster. launch of the characters. we currently ignore.

The other character who stands out as an obvious choice, although not quite to the same extent as Kula, is Elisabeth Blanctorche. While not as a series veteran as Kula (Elisabeth debuted in The King of Fighters XI), she has been a central part of the Ash Crimson saga and is in many ways the character who has kept Ash to earth.

With Ash returning for King of Fighters 15, Elisabeth’s return seems increasingly likely. She was featured in the King of Fighters 14 story scenes as the only person who remembered Ash’s existence after he was erased from reality, and was there when he walked away. reincarnated on earth, mysteriously with Kukri of all characters.

For this reason, Kukri’s revelation further galvanizes my belief that Elisabeth is returning, my assumption being that Ash’s new team will consist of himself, Elisabeth and Kukri, although the latter’s motivations remain unknown. .

Now that Ash is back and the conflict with Those From The Past (the villains in her story) is likely over, Ash and Elisabeth will hopefully be back on better terms and working together again through the bonds that were woven in their childhood. .

While Kula and Elisabeth are the leaders due to their ties and history with K ‘and Ash Crimson respectively, there are other characters who have been seen often with these two but who have less interest in them now that the remaining niches are starting to shrink.

The first of these characters is of course Maxima, K’s common collaborator with whom he shares a troubled past linked to NESTS. While Maxima is a character who appears often in the King of Fighters series, his popularity is not as high as his two teammates and much like Goro Daimon – who seems to be completely left out this time around – he has been plus a hanger -on which is included due to his allegiances.

With King of Fighters 15’s goal at least in part to shake up the teams and surprise the fans (the only two teams that have remained the same from King of Fighters 14 so far are the Fatal Fury and Ikari teams), Maxima seems be a character that is easy to chop up and make room for someone else.

Of course, Maxime could He might even be on top of Kula, though that would be surprising. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him either replaced by someone like Whip, or even Heidern joining Team K ‘this time around at his expense. In short, there are very few slots left and Maxima might not make the cut.

As for Ash Crimson, his squads have been very diverse throughout the history of the series and he has a lot of former teammates who could very well return. But, based on the logic I used in the previous segment, I honestly think Kukri crushes their chances pretty easily.

These characters are Shen Woo, Duo Lon and Oswald, all fighters who have been allied with Ash or Elisabeth or even both at various times, Oswald having the obvious advantage of his already made role model back in King of Fighters 14 where he was one of the post-launch DLC characters.

Any of them could very well show up to join Ash (and Elisabeth, potentially) again, and I would honestly call him for Oswald at this point if it weren’t for the Kukri trailer throwing in a wrench in the wheel for one of their chances. It is possible that Kukri is on a different team, or even that Elisabeth will not be selected at all, but that just does not seem very likely.

I did an article about a year ago that detailed all the characters who have never missed a single King of Fighters title after their initial debut.

Nine of those ten characters are also confirmed for this game – Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Athena Asamiya, Ralf Jones, Clark Still and Iori Yagami – but the last one shines entirely with its absence, and the one -There is Kim Kaphwan.

After making these characters staples for the franchise for so many years, it seems absolutely unreal that we see a King of Fighters missing one of them, but the hard truth is that Kim seems pretty unlikely at this point. .

While there is still a fully undisclosed team with 3 question marks, it’s hard to imagine this being Kim’s team as that would require integrating Heidern, Kukri, and the new character. women with glasses in existing teams. While it is of course possible, it is not necessarily likely.

Also, keeping someone like Kim (and presumably Chang and Choi, though not mandatory) as a final squad that was kept under wraps the entire time seems disappointing when they could have refrained from revealing it. Orochi team or Ash Crimson’s team. Team up for a bigger wave of the hype.

Of course, if Kim is indeed on the roster, they could still confuse us by having completely unexpected teammates for him to bring us this hype anyway. It’s hard to say at this point, but given the limited windows we have to work with and Kim’s near zero chances of being on K ‘, Ash, or the newcomer teams, he’s starting to seem like more. more likely Kim will have to sit here. title despite its previously perfect attendance record.

In the case of a missing Kim Kaphwan, there’s always a post-launch DLC to save the day, of course. We know there will be DLC teams released for the game after it launches, so even if Kim misses the start of the game, he can still tick the box for King of Fighters 15 before game support ends.

Who do you hope to see fill the final slots on the King of Fighters 15 launch list? Who are you waiting for ? Let us know in the comments.


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