9 hidden gems in Richmond that will make your stay feel like it’s on vacation

Over the years, Richmond quickly rose through the ranks of emerging cities and began to turn heads internationally for its breathtaking vistas and global food scene.

One thing we love about the nearest neighboring city of Vancouver is that even after many repeat visits, we’ve really only scratched the surface of what there is to discover. So if you’re planning a change of scenery, consider heading south to explore its treasure trove of lesser-known gems.

To make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of under-the-radar experiences that will make your next vacation or day trip packed with never-before-seen experiences. From lively local events to delicious meals, let yourself be transported abroad, without leaving the Lower Mainland.

International Buddhist Temple

Richmond Tourism

You probably already know that Richmond is full of historic monuments and heritage sites, but you might not know that it is home to the largest international Buddhist temple in North America.

Upon entering, it is easy to confuse it with the Forbidden City in Beijing. Authentic Chinese imperial architecture gives way to a prism of vibrant tiles, vaulted ceilings, intricate iconography, and lush gardens.

Film sets

Richmond is also a magnet for film productions – hosting around 50 per year. From Hollywood blockbusters to your favorite prime-time TV shows, the city is a must see.

Once upon a time, dead Pool, Supernatural, X files, and Godzilla are just a few of the smashes that were captured in the distinctive Richmond setting. To imagine yourself in the middle of the action, you can visit your favorite filming locations and maybe even catch a glimpse of new productions in the works.

Dumpling trail

Richmond Tourism

Like a trail of breadcrumbs (only better), you’ll want to make sure you’re hungry before you embark on this mouthwatering tour of The most delicious meatballs in Richmond. Sample the many tasty varieties of this bite-sized delight, at 20 local restaurants renowned for having some of the best dumplings.

Unleash your inner foodie at popular eateries like Shanghai-inspired Xiao Long Bao, Har Gow’s seafood dumplings, and decorative Siu Mai dim sum. Need to brush up on your knowledge of dumplings? There is even a catalog that you can browse.

Local festivals

During the summer months, Richmond is a gold mine of local festivals that bring the city to life with pops of vibrant color, vibrant music, and tantalizing aromas and flavors. Among them is the Richmond Maritime Festival. Taking place on August 21-22, the festival takes place at the Britannia Shipyards site and will feature up-close historic ships, live music and entertainment, as well as a full fleet of local food trucks.

Equally deserving is the Richmond Art Grand Prix, which will take place on September 4 at Steveston Village. Artists can set up their easels and paint their way to a prize while art lovers admire from afar and enjoy the post-painting festivities.

Night market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Tourism

As the daylight wears off, the air in the Richmond Night Market becomes electrified. An ode to the elaborate night markets and hawker stalls of Asia, again, you will feel transported to a far away place.

Shop until you fall under the flow of colorful lights and sample authentic street food from over 70 food stalls and 100 retail vendors.

HK barbecue master

Tucked away at the back of a parking lot, HK BBQ Master is the perfect place to enjoy Hong Kong-style honey BBQ pork, crispy roast pork, soy chicken and roast duck.

As evidenced by her recent appearance on the Netflix show Breakfast lunch dinner – starring actor Seth Rogen and Momofuku creator David Chang – this Cantonese spot is high on Richmond’s list of hidden food gems.

Richmond Tourism

If you are looking to reconnect with nature, Richmond has no shortage of green spaces to exploit. But if you have an affinity for airplanes, Larry Berg Flight Path Park is your ticket. Located near one of the busy runways at Vancouver International Airport, this is a great place for a picnic with an interesting view.

Terra Nova adventure park

This innovative playpen is sure to awaken your inner child. It’s also one of the most unique ways to connect with Richmond’s wild side, as the dynamic play environment – which includes ziplines and playgrounds – is steeped in farm fields and tall trees.

Don’t be surprised if you spot some local wildlife, such as bald eagles and raptors.

Wine tasting on Lulu Island

Cave Lulu

Richmond Tourism

This $ 7 million facility is one of the best places to taste (literally) fruit in the Lower Mainland. Once renowned for its ice wines, Lulu Island Winery has now expanded its offering to include a variety of red and white wines.

The Tuscan-style property has several tasting rooms where you can spend an afternoon savoring their assortment of wines, accompanied by a tasty charcuterie platter.

To rediscover Richmond and start planning your next trip, visit visitrichmondbc.com.

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