7 of the best places in Phuket for the perfect vacation

Are you going to Thailand for a relaxing holiday by the beach?

While Phuket welcomes foreign tourists to Thailand, all eyes are currently on this picturesque island. The beloved tourist destination combines beautiful scenery with island charm and, unsurprisingly, has countless Instagrammable spots for your social media. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s where you can go to capture the best travel memories during your stay.

7 Most Instagrammable Places in Phuket for the Perfect Vacation

Mai Khao Beach

Whether you’re an aerophile or just love the thrill of sunbathing so close to landing planes, Mai Khao Beach is the place to be in Phuket. Located near the western threshold of the Phuket International Airport runway, Mai Khao Beach offers great photo opportunities against the turquoise colors of the sea. It is also one of the few places that will allow you to approach this close to a landing aircraft. Wait for the planes to fly right above your head and raise your hands for a surreal photo op.

Cape of Phromthep

You haven’t been to Phuket unless you’ve visited Cape Phromthep. It is a scenic landmark that promises stunning views of the Andaman Sea. However, it is advisable to visit early and find your Instagrammable spot, as it gets very crowded with tourists, especially around sunset.


Old Phuket Town

Phuket Old Town is where you can admire modern art alongside traditional architecture. Plus, the heritage-rich region is compact enough to be easily explored on foot. There are also plenty of food options and cafes.

The Big Buddha of Phuket

The Big Buddha Phuket is one of Phuket’s most iconic landmarks. It features a 45-meter-tall white marble Buddha statue, as well as stunning panoramic views of the city. Definitely a meditative environment.


Nui Beach

Nui Beach is a true hidden gem when it comes to the most Instagrammable spots here, as it is one of Phuket’s hidden beaches. Well maintained, it is a dream tropical destination for many tourists.

James Bond Island

A short boat ride from the mainland of Phuket will serve you up one of the best Instagram photos you will ever capture. This famous filming location is where you can re-enact the scene from the 1974 James Bond film The man with the golden gun. The limestone karst tower of Ko Ta Pu which is located near the island is a very unique and highly Instagrammable land formation.

Black Rock Viewpoint

Another perfect check-in location not to be missed. Although it requires 15 minutes of jungle walking and slaloming through branches, this marvelous spot offers one of the most spectacular views of Phuket and the Andaman Sea. A must and must visit.

Featured Hero and Image Credit: Photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

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