10 exciting things to do in Thai islands for solo travelers

Filled with a stunning array of islands, Thailand is a quintessential tropical getaway destination for solo travellers. Each island offers something unique to delight solo vacationers, from enchanting swimming spots to scenic trails. Some may have it all, but either way, there’s something for every lonely thrill seeker or peace seeker. Most importantly, the islands are considered safe and with friendly locals. These are the 10 captivating things to do.

ten Hiking in Ko Adang

While lying lazily on the beautiful beaches is a popular activity, nothing beats the excitement of solo outdoor enthusiasts as they explore this island’s scenic drives. This gem is nestled in the Tarutao Marine National Park and has dense jungle where tourists can hike to the remarkable viewpoint of Koh Lipe. The trail through the wilderness can be quite sweaty for beginners, but the spectacular views at the end are worth all the muscle pain. Solo travelers with moe stamina can take the 20 minute trail to Pirate Waterfall.

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9 Scuba Diving in Koh Tao

For individual adventurers keen to explore the underwater world, sailing to Koh Tao Island (Turtle Island) is a must. Its crystal clear waters and superb aquatic animals make it an excellent diving spot. There is a wide selection of PADI dive shops that offer scuba lessons in different languages, so beginners needn’t worry. The destination attracts many solo travelers and has a welcoming atmosphere that makes it easy to make friends.

8 Relax in Ko Si Chang

Blessed with powdery white sand, stunning plant species and crystal clear waters, Ko Si Chang Island is the ultimate relaxation destination. The beaches here are wonderful and soothing, allowing lonely tourists to feel thousands of miles away from civilization. Here, vacationers can rent a deckchair or spread a towel on the sand to admire the breathtaking beauty of the island. After enjoying the sunshine, they can swim deep to remove negative energies.

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seven Party in Ko Pha Ngan

For vacationers looking for an island with a festive atmosphere, Ko Pha Ngan is the ideal place. During high seasons, thousands of travelers flock to the destination to celebrate the famous full moon parties. The modern rhythms and crazy moods of other revelers make it easy for individuals to unwind until dawn. However, due to the consumption of alcohol and other drug-related substances, some wild jungle parties can turn into unpleasant stories. So, solo partygoers should be very careful.

6 Admire the stunning attractions of Ko Samet

While the island is only seven kilometers long, it’s a place lonely friends will love to wander around to take in its splendor. One of the best bait that attracts thousands of adventurers is Phi Suea Samut. This gigantic mystical bronze mermaid seems to rise from the waters to welcome visitors. It also acts as an amazing backdrop for capturing Instagram-worthy photos. A walk along the beaches exposes visitors to the magnificent mermaid statues, which are among the most photographed attractions.

5 Climb rocks on Krabi Island (Railay Beach)

Railay Beach is widely known for several intriguing activities, but climbing the giant pillars steals the hearts of many. There are hundreds of climbing routes, each with a different level of difficulty to suit every single climber. The monkeys love this place too, so don’t be scared after seeing a group swinging from rock to rock. The only way to get in and out of Railay is by boat, which adds an extra layer of exploration.

4 Enjoy the two beaches of Ko Kradan

With glorious and tranquil beaches, Ko Kradan is a great travel destination for people who hate mass tourism. The hidden gem is home to the stunning Paradise Beach, which has turquoise water and powdery white sand. Sunset Beach is another majestic beauty that brings tranquility to the minds of disturbed people. Near the beaches there are small resorts, where tourists can relax and marvel at the fascinating views of nature.

3 Kayaking in Ko Kood

While the island is known for its pristine beaches, the river estuaries and beautiful mangroves make this destination ideal for kayaking. Solitary adventurers can take advantage of low tide to explore deserted beaches inaccessible by road. Luckily, guests can rent kayaks and life jackets at great prices. Better yet, stay until late evening to see the striking stars on a clear night.

2 Discover hidden gems in Ko Turatao

Ko Turatao allows travelers planning a solo trip to reconnect with their lives in charming ways. The island is part of the Ko Turatao National Park archipelago, home to semi-evergreen forests, limestone caves, mountains, mangroves and exemplary beaches to the west. Mountain biking is a popular and adrenaline-filled activity that solo travelers can enjoy while meeting other mountaineers. The trails lead to several points of interest, which make for an unforgettable Thai island experience. Thrill-seekers can also explore Ao Ta Lo Woo Pier, a long historic road that takes them to a political prison and other iconic buildings.

1 Enjoy local life in Ko Sukorn

Ko Sukorn may be the least known of the Trang Islands, but it promises to impress solo riders with its laid-back vibe. Here, adventurers can learn how the friendly locals go about their daily lives, especially since they are into farming. Getting around to admire the watermelon plants or rubber forests is effortless via scooter or bicycle. The best thing about this destination is that it’s less inundated with tourists, making it perfect for anyone longing for a relaxed island vibe.

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