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Ordinary people do not have access to see who is RKI registered. However, only the yourself and companies with special agreements have access to the information. In addition, these companies can only check you if there is a trade in progress. This is to make sure they get paid for the item. Registration can only be done through public and financial companies with special agreements. You can always go to dininfo.dk and through your NemID check if you are registered.


Four facts about being registered in RKI

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  1. In extreme distress it can be positive as you do not take out additional loans
  2. The registration is not public
  3. Registrations last a maximum of 5 years per debt item
  4. RKI has a disclosure obligation. If you want to see your registration, RKI must reply within four weeks and otherwise you can complain to the Data Inspectorate


Can I borrow from Marilyn Verdesos even though I am listed in RKI?

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As with most other loan providers, you cannot borrow money from Marilyn Verdesos if you are registered with RKI. Instead, we encourage you to reduce your debt and pay off your loan (s). When you are no longer registered with RKI, you can apply for a loan with us on par with everyone else.


Marilyn Verdesos loan terms

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Before you can borrow from Marilyn Verdesos, you must accept our loan terms and confirm using NemID. You must also be 21 and must not be listed in RKI. Our course of action in the event of non-payment follows the general conditions of non-performing debt.


What happens if the loan terms are not complied with?

If the loan terms are not complied with, you will first receive three reminders with interest. The case will then be transferred to external debt collection. In the end, a bail judge will register you as a poor payer. That is why we encourage you to always contact our customer service and hear about your options if you need help.

Marilyn Verdesos advises against raising additional loans to repay other loans. Read more about borrowing from Marilyn Verdesos here and get help with your finances here.


Ready for a loan?

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If you are not in RKI, just here to get information and what the consequences can be with debt defaulted, then we can offer you a secure loan. Marilyn Verdesos offers DKK 20,000 to those who we think are good payers. Once approved for a loan, we will transfer the money to your account immediately. If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us.


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